Your secret is out Father Time!

You’re still master but your slaves are wise to your ways.

Life is a collection of moments moving forward mixed with feeling, both of which can change in the tick of a watch.

Happy to sad oh so fast. Ashamed to proud at the same rate.

And no matter how we fill that space:

What we build, Where we go, What we discover or create, it’s all happening at a constant pace.

Oh what a laugh you must have at the expense of the mortals who everyday work, eat, sleep then wake and find the only real difference in time is they have less to wait.

That leaves more regret,

more we want to get,

and more belief there is no time to rest for that is all we have left at the end of this incredible, improbable ride.

I can be well prepared and think ahead, still, the truth cannot hide:

For time, Father, will never be on my side.


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