Can you really appreciate a beach’s beauty in summer if you’ve never been in a blizzard
Snowed in yet looking out just to confirm what you already know
That final snow flake symbolizing freedom from the home that feels more jailhouse as the snow accumulates
Stir crazy as Richard and Gene?
Are you as appreciative of the warm sand between your toes if you’ve never laced up your boots and labored to find your footing in the snow
In subfreezing temperatures
Patience for the storm’s end crushed under its precipitation
The biting wind more welcome than your own four walls?
Though the same sun shines on you and the barefoot beach goer, you can’t tell.
But you ignore the lack of warmth because it warms your soul to be out in the open.
Among the ice.
So you breathe the winter air, chilled but fresh
Fueling you through this winter wonderland.
For a little while at least.
Til the chill seeps through your shoes, creeps up your leg and hits the spine.
You find yourself done with fun;hot cocoa pours into your mind.
Possibly whiskey.
Of course there’s more than one way to heat up.
The first step is to make it inside, of the cold you’ve had enough.
Can you be truly grateful for the crystal clear shallows filled with fish floating along
The entertaining seagulls and their most annoying song
The waves that shape the surface and make adults feel like kids at play
And when the sun is beating down, the ocean’s cool escape
If you’ve never shoveled snow from steps, sidewalks and driveways?
While there’s a chance you may
I bet folks with children at home on a snow day would have something to say.


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