You know, that when the truth is told, you can get what you want or you can just get old.

Vienna, Billy Joel 

Billy, you ain’t never lied.
I find myself behind the times of who I want to be. 
And I know I’m not alone,
people all around the globe get lost in trying to build up a home
and make a career only to lose their dreams.
Ironically praising those that make theirs reality, equating them to stars.
It makes alot of human sense,
we revolve around them thanks to the energy they give off.
We’re in awe, blinded by the shine of all they have and what we want:
The millions and billions they are worth of which the masses can’t imagine,
Being world renowned and in a spotlight the masses couldn’t fathom,
Moving people they have never met and I don’t mean transportation,
When the people need a lift they provide the inspiration.
Folks count on seeing courage often on display when taking center stage, be it the boardroom or Broadway.
Admired for their fearlessness since most are too afraid.
Yes, the stars shine bright as ever and the people keep revolving as the years roll by.
Most no closer to their desires, only closer to their demise.
Time has made them tired, there’s far less excitement in their eyes.
Their wants have withered and now they’re left to wonder why they never even tried.
No, Billy, you ain’t never lied.
In your words I find a challenege to embrace a passion and not to simply be.
To go get what I want because death is coming to get me.
And although work doesn’t mean rewards, of success there is no gurantee,
the chains of doubt are broken,
my hopes keep on a-floatin’,
I’ve lost that fear of failing and have never felt so free.


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