Her skin is beyond Ghiradelli grade.
The highest quality cocoa made in a demanding market, one that prides itself on confectionary.

She must be acknowledged.

Such color forged on a continent with an embarrassment of riches regarding complexion, yet a rarity she remains. 

A continent crowded with resources and still she shines through.

Like chocolate gold. 

Her value exceeds the flesh easily.

Her intellect leaves her uninhibited with unrelenting ambition, just like her ancestors. 

Ancestors that built empires of unmatched wealth then had unparalleled democracy built on their backs. 

It is a blessing and a burden, all the while amazing.

She, in her scintillating shades, has not just defied the statistics:

She has restructured them. 

She is the most educated of the American people after having the least opportunity for the longest time.

She didn’t complain but labored gracefully;

Exchanging battered mistress for a bachelor’s.

Switching maids and mammys to a master’s.

Trading crack depictions for a doctorate. 

This desire must be admired. She is demanding change by making it. Not asking for success but taking it.

Never focused on accomplishments but on what has not been won.

Although if today she declared herself done, her blueprint is bestowed upon her brother, sister, daughter, and son.

They would all do well to engulf themselves in her element. 


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